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* If you wish to cancel your order within 7 days
of purchase a full refund will be given.
** Free home trial is before pruchase.
*** 7 year guarantee costs an extra £450 per bed.
# FROM price is for bed only (i.e. without mattress).
## 50% off is off second item purchased and lowest priced item.
## Offers applies to beds with Empress mechanism (7 fold bed).
Single items discount is 33% including VAT.


Here's why you may pay no VAT

All of our beds are designed specifically to help people with medical ailments, ranging from arthritis to M.S. for this reason our beds are zero rated for people with a chronic medical condition. This means that if you have a condition for which the bed will help on a long term basis e.g. long term arthritis, parkinsons, chronic back problems, hiatus hernia, COPD, asthma, restless leg syndrome, diabeties, M.E. fredric ataxia, oesteo porosis, polio, oedema, spondolosis, circulation problems, heart or lung conditions, insomnia, kidney or organ failure and many more conditions.