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* If you wish to cancel your order within 7 days
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** Free home trial is before pruchase.
*** 7 year guarantee costs an extra £450 per bed.
# FROM price is for bed only (i.e. without mattress).
## 50% off is off second item purchased and lowest priced item.
## Offers applies to beds with Empress mechanism (7 fold bed).
Single items discount is 33% including VAT.

Choosing the correct bed

beds-buyers-guide-6beds-buyers-guide-6It can be very confusing on the internet trying to choose the correct bed amongst all the information and miss-information floating around.


Take the pain of of this by talking to a professional company, that will listen and explain in simple terms what will be best for YOU.





It is very important to choose the correct bed dependant on the users needs and medical condition. If it is just a "comfort bed" you may not need to go to the expence of a bespoke service and may well just need one of our essentials beds (Chatsworth).


We have trained advisors that specialise in the adjustable bed field, they will assess your needs and only suggest the correct mechanism, mattress and surround that will suit you for years to come and not just for today. Your needs are likely to change more over the next 10yrs than they have over the last 10yrs, so we aim to get it right, NOW and for the years ahead.




beds-buyers-guide-6 beds-buyers-guide-5

Our advisors trained to get the bed to the correct height, called the "Pivot Point" this is a point that makes it easier

to stand up from the bed but also at the lowest point to easily be able to get your legs up onto the bed.

If your bed is too high it may be difficult to get your legs up onto the bed. Our sleep advisers are trained to make
sure your bed is made to the correct height.

If your bed is too low it may be difficult to stand up from your bed. Your Freshstart sleep advisor will measure the 
correct bed height for you, called "your pivot point". This will make it easy for you to get ON and OFF of your new bed