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Riser/recliner chairs from FreshStart

At Freshstart we are continually developing our range of chairs with innovative ideas and modern designs so that our customers have the best choice available exceeding most people's expectations of comfort and practicality.

You will get expert advice from one of our trained advisors and you can be sure whichever product you choose it will be right for your needs and requirements.

Our bespoke service means that you can have the chair of your choice in the fabric you desire and made to your exact specifications (seat height, width, depth) at a price that is extremely competitive from a family company you can trust.
Who can benefit from our chairs?

Anyone who needs comfort and support, sufferers of most mobility problems including arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, circulation problems, M.S, respiratory problems, and many other ailments.
How to choose your chair?

  • Choose the back style
  • Choose the fabric and colour
  • Choose the mechanism (how many motors)
  • Let us take your measurements.

With our made to measure, custom build service you can be sure the chair you choose will fit the user's body like a fine Italian suit.

You will get expert advice from one of our trained advisors so you can be sure that the chair will be built to your exact requirements.

These critical measurements are especially crucial for people who spend long periods of time in their chair.
Critical Measurements

Seat Height – Too high and your feet will not touch the floor inhibiting circulation. Too low and you slump into the chair when sitting down and this also normally puts strain on your shoulders when getting out of a standard non electric chair.
Seat Width - Too wide and your arms will not rest onto the arms correctly giving shoulder problems and or you slump to one side (incorrect posture).
Seat Depth – If the seat is too deep again your feet will not touch the floor.

We can also change the height of the arms and the back of the chair if our standard sizes do not fit.